Taking the Plunge

There’s an old Tanzania proverb that says “One who bathes willingly with cold water does not feel the cold.” After today, I would have to disagree.

But I’ll get back to that. Today was a gorgeous and busy day in Vinalhaven. We started out with a trip to an abandoned granite quarry, led by Jeff, one of the many islanders who have been more than helpful and willing to show us all over the island. One on side of the quarry, there was a series of huge granite steps that you could climb up with a fair amount of effort. This is what it looked like from the top.

BLB_5498eThe quarries were pretty much abandoned by the 1920’s, when granite was no longer used for structures. There’s still one quarry that operates for cosmetic things like counter tops.

Basically the whole area around the quarry was beautiful.



BLB_5508eLater that day we explored the Vinalhaven historical society. Which to be honest sounded boring and pointless until we were inside. It was sort of like a museum but with just a huge eclectic collection of old stuff from Vinalhaven’s past. We could have stayed in there exploring for hours.



BLB_5575eAfter the historical society, we went to Booth’s quarry, which had the coolest pictures of boats carved into the granite right by the water. The water was beautiful, clear, and as still as glass… so I climbed down to see exactly how cold it was. When I saw that it was bearable, I knew I would regret it if I didn’t jump in. So I harassed everyone until Hannah was willing to actually jump with me (Madison wanted to go in, but was understandably worried about the depth). Once Hannah and I made the freezing plunge, Madison and Claire did too. We headed straight back to the motel for hot showers before an amazing dinner at Salt, one of the two nice restaurants on Vinalhaven. And for once, we left our cameras behind and just enjoyed the meal.


BLB_5597ePictures to come of me jumping in this beautiful water–didn’t have the camera on me:)








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