The Splash and the Sailor

First, a late picture as proof that I was impulsive enough to jump in that ice cold quarry. Courtesy of Sophie Fang, one of the sweetest girls and best photographers I know.

dsc_9889So I thought my submersion in Maine’s water was over and done with. And then today happened.

First we found a perfect little place called Polly’s Cove. There was a boat on the water, the tide coming in on the beach, and more than enough rocks for skipping. We were enjoying the sun and taking pictures of the boat and essentially loving life.



And then this man showed up. His name is Mike and his home is in Boston, but he’s been sailing around on his boat and stopped in Vinalhaven to hike around. But when the tide came in, the rope holding in his little dingy got stuck under a rock and he had no way to get it back. So after some rock skipping and enjoying the sun, Madison and I finally came to the conclusion that we really needed to help this man.


So we (albeit a bit reluctantly) felt the ocean water, confirmed that it was going to be miserable and we had to do it quickly, took off our boots and socks, and waded into the water. I pulled the boat in and Madison fed the rope out from under the rock and we got Mike’s boat to shore. We felt absolutely freezing, but accomplished.

IMG_3298 (2)

IMG_3290 (2)

Mackenzie took these wonderful photos, just another perk of being on a photography trip. No moments go undocumented.


We finished our day off with an incredible three course meal at The Haven restaurant, where we enjoyed everything from baked goat cheese, mussels, lobster chowder, steak, and more desserts than I could name. I know I’m getting attached to this place–I think we all are. It’s going to be really tough to leave.





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