From VH to DYT

So yesterday kind of inherently sucked because we had to leave Vinalhaven. We packed up all of our things, stopped at the bakery one last time to say goodbye to the ladies who work there (and get our last cinnamon rolls), loaded up our vans and got on the ferry. The ferry was basically the only good part of leaving. The ride in was windy and cold, but the ride back to the mainland was sunny, warm, and still.

BLB_6200eOne last picture of Vinalhaven from the ferry.

The pain was eased with a lot of singing 90’s music in the car and a stop at an art museum in Brunswick. Which was followed by the best calzone I have ever had. Ricotta, goat cheese, pineapple, garlic, and chicken. I don’t even have the words to convey how good it was, and even if I did I have to stop because thinking about it is making me too hungry.

So then we stopped by a beach whose name I cannot remember if I ever knew it. We laid out and practiced the yoga we had learned (after the one class we had–professionals), and took pictures. Of course.

BLB_6326e BLB_6373e

BLB_6406e BLB_6399eThe sun was a nice way to end the trip, but also made it tougher to leave. Now we’re sitting in the airport waiting for our flights–some of us later than others. We’ve been here since 9 and I won’t land in Dayton until 8pm. It’s a long travel day, but I have a lot to say about airports and the people in them. So stay tuned?





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