Tension Collection

When I started taking pictures on Vinalhaven, I noticed a trend. I’ve been really putting my focus on three elements: the land, the water (including the wildlife that surrounds them), and people. I love watching the way these entities connect and interact with each other, so I put a collection together that I feel captures this. These photos show the dynamic energy and constant tension (not in a negative sense) between land, water, and people in Vinalhaven, Maine.


BLB_3935e BLB_4314e BLB_4312e BLB_4427e BLB_4408e BLB_4972e BLB_4495e BLB_5115e BLB_5218e BLB_5148e BLB_5500e BLB_5589eBLB_3862e BLB_3906edit BLB_4548e BLB_4649e BLB_4751e BLB_5198ePicMonkey Collage1 BLB_5262e BLB_5463e BLB_5529e BLB_5569e  BLB_4704e BLB_4663e


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